Saturday, March 8, 2014

“A popular author is one who writes about what people think. Genius invites them to think something else”. Herein is my quandry; where, first to find any that think. Dissatisfaction is easy to find, but most still have allegence to the center, even with disdain, though some few, still believe; “We submit to the majority because we have to. But we are not compelled to call our subjection a posture of respect“/

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Big Picture Stuff

The Big Picture: Some of my dates match, but I didn't make any notes. "Since the death of “Saul” in 1993, God has raised up an army of prayer warriors to overthrow Mystery Babylon. Prior to that time, the Church under Pentecost (“Saul”) had the authority to deal with Babylon. However, they failed to establish righteousness in the earth with the authority given to them on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. God then brought Babylon once again a century ago to bring judgment upon the church, the nation, and much of the world. It was not until 1993 that things began to change, and a new sheriff came to town. This could not happen, however, until Saul died, for even though David had been fighting Saul’s battles for him in years past, it was not yet time for David to become king. The original Saul had a forty-year mandate, and God honored that. So also did prophetic Saul, the Church, have a forty-Jubilee mandate (1,960 years), and God honored that, too. When David received his first piece of authority in 1993, the Jubilee Prayer Campaign was launched a few months later in November. David’s authority increased at the feast of Tabernacles in October of 2000 (at Champaign, Illinois). The revelation showed that this was where David was crowned king over all Israel, so to speak. By this authority, we met on Nov. 28-30, 2000 to establish the New Jerusalem as our Capital City. Two months later, I received the infamous letter in the mail challenging this authority through a spokesman for Pentecost. We answered it in the divine court, and then put up our staves in the tabernacle of the Lord to allow Him to see which would bear fruit. We received our answer on Feb. 21 when the Berrys arrived as the sign of fruit. I wrote about this in my reports last week. In the big picture, we have been given spiritual authority to overthrow Mystery Babylon that rules much of the world through the Western banking system, led by the Federal Reserve Bank. The three main heads are the three independent city-states called Washington D.C., the City of London, and Vatican City, each with interconnected banks. We fought against Mystery Babylon throughout the year 2001, ending finally in Nov. 2001, and now it is clear that the results of those prayer campaigns are coming to the surface in the year 2014. Why only now in 2013-2014? Because we have finally reached the appointed year of release, as I have been showing in the past few months. 2014 is the end of the 2,520 year contract between God and Babylon, wherein God brought “seven times” judgment upon Jerusalem (7 x 360 years). A century ago, prophets and teachers thought that Babylon would fall in 1914-17, because it was 2,520 years from the time that Babylon became an empire (607 B.C.) to the time they took Jerusalem (604 B.C.). However, they did not take into account the hundred-year interruption from 163-63 B.C. when Jerusalem was independent of the Grecian empire (the second beast empire in the succession). That century had to be added to 1914-1917, giving Babylon an extension in which to exercise its Dominion Mandate until 2014-2017. At the same time, the time of the “little horn” is ending after 1480 years since the days of the Emperor Justinian I, who made “alterations in times and in law” (Dan. 7:25) from 526-534 A.D. Recall that he altered the calendar so that it began to date from Jesus’ birth instead of from the founding of Rome. Then he changed the laws of the Roman Empire to establish Church law. He first did this in 529 and then revised it in 530, calling it the Codex Constitutionum. He then published the 50 text books to teach law students and guide judges in 533-534. These are the dates that begin the 1480-year cycle to 2009-2010-2014. I wrote of this here: The number 1480 is the numeric value of christos, or “Christ.” It is important, because Jesus was crucified on the 1480th Passover celebration since Moses’ first Passover in Egypt. The long 2,520-year Dominion Mandate (extended to 2,620 years) ends in 2014-2017, just as the 1480-year cycle of the “little horn” ends in 2009-2014. I have explained all of this in past books and weblogs, and it is too long to prove again in this short overall view of the big picture. The Kings of the East Meanwhile, it is enough to see that the current events in Ukraine are the present focus in watching the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. Russia and China are today’s “kings of the east” (Rev. 16:12), whom God has raised up to overthrow modern Babylon. In ancient times, the kings of the east were Persia and Medea. Today, China has taken the place of Persia (King Cyrus), but Russia has taken the place of Medea (King Darius). Cyrus was the ancient leader, but Darius actually was the one who took Babylon (Dan. 5:31). For this reason, I have felt that Russia would play a key role in the overthrow of Babylon today. I believe we are seeing this manifest in the Ukraine War that is taking place even now. And because they are following the divine script of prophecy, we know that they will win, and we will be set free from our Babylonian masters. They will also provide the funding for the Kingdom, even as Cyrus funded the rebuilding of the temple, and a later Persian king funded the building of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the Babylonian press, including CNN (Controlled News Network), is screaming loudly, as spokesmen for the alarmed Babylonian leaders. They have been interfering in Ukrainian politics lately in order to take Ukraine out of Russia’s sphere of influence. Their plan is to dislodge Russia’s Black Sea fleet, so that they can attack Syria and Iran without being stopped by the Russians. Our Western leaders are trying to start World War III according to the Pike Plan that was formulated more than a century ago. It called for three world wars to fully accomplish the plan for the world takeover and to establish Luciferianism as the world religion. So the Western power brokers, using presidents of nations as their agents, have been trying to start World War III in order to reduce the world population by about 5 billion people, and to solidify their power through the use of technology. Russia and China, however, stand in their way. The Ukraine situation is just the latest battle between East and West. But if we understand prophecy and the divine plan, we will know how to identify the players on the battlefield, and we can then view world events with some understanding. Such understanding is not possible, however, unless you know the Scriptures. That is why I spend a lot of time teaching the Word. - See more at:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boy Scouts Know Whatsup!

Another purloined post, which should go heeded, as the time is at hand: “The crisis in Ukraine is a lose-lose deal for everyone but the bankers.” 100% agree. Back to the ‘Master Plan,” don’t know what will happen next in Ukraine except that it sure seems we are all being PLAYED. See Annas post from yesterday in “AMERICANS BE WARNED: STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES …” where she spells this out as a reminder about the BIG PICTURE. Recalling CLUES from prior warnings seems to indicate TPTB still on track to ENGINEER coming MAJOR FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. Maybe this is part of the big picture of what’s going on with Ukraine. Watch oil and gas prices increase. •Central Banks act irrationally, not in interest of their own country. British Central Bank undercut the Pound enabling it to go bye-bye and move the Fed Scam to America via Bretton Woods post WWII so America could become the world’s police force to get everyone in line via petrodollar with the Bankster Cartel system. Opposers were invaded •Books Planned Destruction of America; Creature From Jekyll Island written in1994,1995 that exposed a grand plan to bankrupt America via DEBT. •Report from Iron Mountain that surfaced in 60s (from the Kennedy Administration and frightingly accurate in its predictions) indicating that DEBT would be run up and used to force America into a globalist system… •Japanese Central Bankster collapsed its stock and real estate markets around 1990 by continual raising of interest rates until “pop.” Japanese Central Bankster boasted on American morning talk shows of how he did this, that it was done on PURPOSE. •Fed Central Bankster blew up the 2000 stock market engineered bubble. Kept raising interest rates until “pop.” Fed Central Bankster blew up 2007 real estate and 2008 stock market engineered bubbles? Kept raising interest rates until “pop.” Although Secret Elites are luciferian, at Wall St level philosophy is derived from Darwinian Evolution Theory, “survival of the fittest.” “Might Makes Right.” These psychos laugh at the little people they steal money from. Wall St is a jungle. If you are too ‘weak’ to catch them stealing your money, tough _____ for you sucker. Might makes right. •After the 2008 market collapse, high level Chinese officials warned the “coming collapse” would make 2008 look like a picnic. What do they know? •In Spring 2013 Obama Administration official stated, “We’re just going to kill the dollar..” •December 2013, an alleged DHS insider warned that an “engineered financial collapse” was in the works to happen soon in Amerika. •2014 Super Bowl was unveiled an apparent illuminist message for the “little people,” useless eaters. “PREPARE.” (picture of PREPARE sign at superbowl during ½ time show ). PREPARE for what? Economic disaster? Martial Law? Starvation, plagues? NDAA? WWIII? •Warren (I made all my money on inside Rockafella information) Buffet dubbed derivatives as, “weapons of mass destruction.” Many took it as a signal the sociopathic banksters would trigger a derivative collapse to bring the nations to their knees. Death and Derivatives: Towards the Implosion of the Global Financial System? •V economist on Hagmann show (Banksters: ‘we are going to war! We built China. We will not let them get away with this’) 1/25/14 •Dave wrote a number of articles/ interviews about Dead Banksters Getting Wacked •More dead banksters in the “offing” – interview V economist (Banksters getting wacked; fleeing the country) Claim is that Chinese/Russia nuked Bankster’s fiat currency system. IT’S NOW CHECKMATE comrades according to V the economist guy. •China’s yuan might ultimately challenge dollar: ECB’s Mersch TPTB (British Central Bank) let the British Pound go buy-buy to give way to the America Dollar (Britton Woods Agreement). Is $ being forced to go buy-buy in favor of the Chinese Yuan for fulfillment of geo-political agendas??? • •Watch the Other Hand – Events in Ukraine Are a Misdirection (i.e., “we’re just going to kill the dollar.” got it?) •Watch the Other Hand – Ukraine, Bank Failure, Oil and Natural Gas (we are all being PLAYED. The illuminists arrange their chaos such they don’t get blamed for causing it initially…) • •True Evil Exists and YOU Are the Target Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.