Saturday, February 2, 2013

Purloined from another forum; "Today's theory, by me Mars, being smaller than Earth, cooled down first and became habitable a long time before Earth did. However, Mars does not have an atmosphere now and is unlivable. Its planetary core cooled down too much (just as Earth's will, inevitably), and Mars lost its protective magnetic field ("cores creates a geodynamo that generates a magnetic field", Wiki says). Without that field, the sun's radiations blew away the atmosphere. Dead, dead Mars (the surface, anyway). Perhaps the Martians came to Earth. They wouldn't have to go far, galactically speaking If they were smart, perhaps they figured out that the catastrophe was coming. Perhaps we are partly them, partly a native species. We certainly seem to be really interested in sending probes to Mars, whereas going back to the Moon was proposed by ex-Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and he was immediately ridiculed for that and I wonder why the intense hostility to that particular idea? Were we warned to stay away from the Moon? Ancient Monuments - see also Gobekli Teki in Turkey, dated as 12,000 years old, where people carved 25 acres of granite monuments and then buried it all (supposedly we had just stopped living in caves, and people are carving granite? With rocks and bones?) Also, check out Puma Punku in Bolivia. What is there defies explanation by main stream thinking. Religions and other institutions may crumble if and when the truth is ever known by the masses. I don't know what the truth is (I've only been sentient for half a century, I make no claim about knowing for sure) - but what I'm sure of, is that much information and evidence is being kept from us - and is that supposedly for our benefit? Or does that benefit our masters? Your helpful acrostic pest, locust literally one computer user stubbornly typing " and appreciated. A "new one": the earth and mars were twins, and captured by the Jupiter/Sol Twins began a dance of life. Until you get past twelve decades, you don't know squaelch. When a third partner named Venus interposed herself, and scared the water off.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Freedom Girl

The Peace Dollar is regarded as one of the most beautiful coins in the world. It was struck by the US mint after World War One commemorating the "War to End All Wars". 34 year old sculptor Anthony de Francisci used his wife Teresa as a model for the coin. This coin is one of the most classically beautiful coins in the US Mint's history. It is now time to create a more modern beauty.
Freedom Girl is the first medallion in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series done with full creative control given to Heidi Wastweet. Heidi is known for her images of strong and beautiful women, most notably, Pandora Defiant. Now she has created a new beauty for a new generation.
Men have been know to fight to the death for women, treasure and freedom. Freedom Girl is a stunning combination of all three. Every aspect of Heidi's design brings out a gorgeous update of the classic Peace Dollar. The original Peace Dollar had her hair tied in a bun with an uncomfortable tiara perched on her head. Freedom Girl's hair is wild and free. Freedom Girl's parted lips and gaze of almost ecstasy looking forward to the future is so seductive, as Freedom should be. Even her shoulder arching forward brings out more emotion from this modern beauty. She is finished off with modern cues of a hoop earring and a tattoo of the Trivium. The Trivium is the foundation for individual freedom from outside manipulation. What better way to make Freedom sexy than Freedom Girl? As with so many other words in our language, there is a psychological warfare going on to control us, even between the words Freedom and Liberty. We chose "Freedom" over the Peace Dollar's "Liberty" simply because Liberty is Freedom granted by a power. This is most notable when military men are granted 24 hour liberty to go out on the town. Whereas Freedom is the ability of the individual to do whatever they want with their time without coercion. A tyranny can give Liberty, but not Freedom. A man can only assert his Freedom or give it away.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A silver coin the size of a mercury dime used to be the daily wages of a soldier or skilled craftsman. One ounce of gold was able to feed, clothe and house a human being for one year. Realities like these may soon overtake the liars. If you make allowances for our technology and the work of robots in providing our food, raiment, you might double [or half] these benchmarks. At any rate “the times they are a changing…” There is a huge commentary going on over at about a recent convocation of presstitutes concerning monetary issues, specifically German Gold repatriation. The consensus seems to be "it ain't 'appenin". No gold to deliver, no silver to have, since its all been rehypothicated {sold multiple times to multiple parties in multiple locations} and whats left has been sconced away in an island retrteat worthy of the Fortess of Solitude.