Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So Much Insanity

March 17, 2010
Doug McIntosh

So much insanity; so much to comment on. I am in a target rich environment for stupidity, arrogance, corruption and fraud. Since there is so much of it, I am sometimes at a loss about what to write about. It is like I have turned on a Cable Channel, the Stupid Channel, all stupidity and all the time. Still, the stupidity levels in both American and global politics, economics and popular culture are simply overwhelming to me. Perhaps, I have lived too long, or at least I have seen to much. I remember what America used to be like, not perfect by any means, but at least a place where honorable men and women tried to do the right thing. America used to be a place where if you played by the rules, you at least had a shot. In modern America the game is rigged. It is rigged by corrupt politicians and regulators, criminal bankers and fraudulent stock brokers. The middle class is looked upon the same way a wolf pack eyeballs a flock of sheep. The system is composed of economic rapists and child molesters, using the full force of the law, politics and the media to engage in their perverted pastimes.

I weep for the American Republic, murdered in October 2008 by the first bailout votes, and I weep for the American people, but I do not weep for the American system of economic oligarchy and political fascism. In many ways, I say let it collapse. And yes Virginia, I really do want to see the head of Goldman Sacks led off in chains to either a swift execution, or a life of breaking rocks in a Louisiana swamp. There will be no economic recovery until there is a moral recovery, a moral recovery based upon criminal fraud charges against our leading government regulators, politicians, bankers and Wall Street firms. Since that is unlikely, I will settle for the economic collapse. Like Samson, I am perfectly willing to bring the temple down on the heads of our Dagon worshipping elite. After all, people like me have nothing left to lose. The most dangerous people are not those who have everything to gain: the most dangerous people are those who have nothing left to lose. We are now a society with tens of millions of people, armed people, who have nothing left to lose. Our NWO elite should bear that in mind. The basic problem with our elite is they don't know when to stop. I think that is because we haven't really held them accountable for their economic and political crimes. Hopefully, we can do that without a wave of violence, although I am no longer sure of that. It may be the popular rage explodes like the lid of a superheated pressure cooker. It will be unfortunate if that happens, but I can certainly understand why that will happen.

As usual, my first odds and end must begin with our esteemed Marxist Dictator Obama the First and his fun and games. The "change we can believe in" candidate, who is in effect a Clinton Two administration, offers us a "change we can't see" President. Obama has merged the corruption and sleaze of the Clinton's with his own oversized ego and arrogance to form the political version of a jackass. This is about the best description of the Obama administration I can think of. Who are these people and how did they get in power? Can a nation go temporarily insane? It's the best explanation for Obama being elected I can think of. McCain being the other.

In Obama's version of Sherman's March to the Sea, the so called Health Care debate, we see his true form revealed. The whole point of Obama's health care plan has nothing to do with Health Care. The main point of Obama's Health Care plan is to enact it and collect taxes for two or three years before any benefits happen. If there is a more cynical way to secretly raise taxes now, while delaying any potential benefit for several years, I have not seen it. Obama and his ilk are using the Health Care plan to inflict a tax increase without benefits. In all the discussion over his Health Care Plan this seems to fall between the cracks. It is not a Health Care Plan: IT IS A TAX INCREASE. Nothing more; nothing less. Viewed in this light, I can understand Obama's obsession with it. Obama plans to use the revenues generated by this plan to cover the 1.5 TRILLION yearly deficits he is running.

It also has to be one of the bitterest ironies that our warmonger President Obama, who is following the exact policies of Bush Jr.. his own party savaged for years, is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I am sure the deformed babies in Iraq and Afghanistan are impressed. If you take munitions and you coat them with depleted uranium, and then you fire or drop it on a country, you will get radioactive dust. Our warmonger President can't be bothered with things like that. It is amazing to me to watch the same liberal morons, who rioted whenever Bush came to Portland, not say a peep when Obama sends an additional two or three divisions to Afghanistan. The arrogance and hypocrisy of both the Democrats and Republicans is amazing to me. I really think they don't care anymore. They are so full of themselves at this point that quaint concepts like truth, honor and the oath they took to uphold the American Constitution mean nothing to them. They have deluded themselves to the point they don't even realize what they are doing. In fact, I think they even believe their own lies at this point. When I look at Obama, Peloski, Reid or McCain I see what the longshoreman Eric Hoffer wrote about in his book "The True Believer." The intensity of their drive to pass Health Care for instance, shows me we are not dealing with rational people, but fanatics instead. A nation led by fanatics into a Marxist wilderness of enemies of the state, increasing government control of all aspects of daily life; finally, the increasing criminalization of political dissent. Go back and read my essay, "Welcome to Ubangastan" and look at the predictions I made there; then tell me I am wrong.

If all this weren't bad enough, we have the whole debt issue. One of the things in the economic sphere that still amazes me is the simple fact modern economies are based on debt. All true economic growth comes from productivity, either from exploiting natural resources, farms, mining, timber, or from producing products people need, or from providing services they need.. In modern America economic growth comes from distributing imported economic goods, rigged stock markets, overbuilding real estate and bloated health care. America doesn't actually produce anything anymore, we merely play games with our money, take our pills and ship stuff around. The reason we are in such bad shape economically is we have built our economic house upon a quicksand of debt. Debt is not money. Until we realize this, there is truly no hope for us.

The main reason we are screwed economically speaking is that we have made no attempt to squeeze the debt out of our government, our corporations or private individuals. Under our fractional reserve banking system, it is impossible to pay back the amounts owed, since the amounts are so vast relative to our actual principal. The other thing we need to understand is we cannot pay off the Federal Deficit, anymore than we can fund the $60 TRILLION in unfunded government liabilities. Since we cannot pay our debt off, we only have two choices. The first is to keep juggling year by year until the whole economic system crashes. The other is to default on our debts and start over. Both will lead to an economic catastrophe which I can only call a hyper depression. I will also add that the foreigners we owe some of this debt too will not quietly accept any such default. They will take concrete steps to get their money back, either by a military invasion or a direct seizure of our physical assets. If you view both Clinton and Obama with their land grabs you begin to understand what I am talking about. For instance, the reason the oil in Montana isn't being developed is simple. It is being held as collateral for foreign investors when the US government defaults on our debt. When, not if, the USA defaults on its debts, the foreigners will simply take out their pound of flesh in hard, physical assets, like farmland, ports, airports etc. Mark my words, we will see the USA return to its status as a colony when that happens.

Well, enough ranting and raving for today. The sun rises on both the wicked and the just. I still think the wicked get sunburned more than the just, but like they say, honesty pays, but dishonesty pays quarterly dividends. Just ask any whore on Wall Street, or any of our politicians in that Sodom on the Potomac called Washington DC. Evil struts the land like a peacock, unafraid, insolent and bellowing, at least until the people turn it into stew. Personally, I am developing a taste for Peacock stew.

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