Wednesday, December 22, 2010

seen2much's Rant

So the obvious has finally started to become impossible to ignore, as I have stated over and over that it would...

So, in that tradition, I will fill you all in at what so many of you obviously miss...

The collapse of our empire will end our planetary warmongering. The drone attacks will stop, troops will be brought home (or left stranded if the collapse is sudden enough..), our navy will drastically shrink ending our easy power projection, as will our air force.. The drastic reductions will be billed as "movements toward efficiency and modernization", truth is the only "movements" going on will be the death-crap our empire is taking during the final death-spasms..

So, defense spending cuts are coming no matter what... Good riddance to the death machine.

Social security is collapsing, as is all the other "chicken in every pot" socialist initiatives that idiot FDR foisted upon us.. Forced wealth distribution has been and always will be ROBBERY, and people will always find ways to deal with robbers, peaceful and otherwise.

We could have unwound this at a reasonable pace, immediately and drastically slashed the defense budget, took the savings and used them for infrastructure repair and advancement, as well as carefully weaning our population off the government cheese addiction, educating them for a more productive and self-reliant future... No, you had that choice and laughed him of the stage and shut him out out of the debates in 2008...

Now you will endure the consequences of willful ignorance:

First, The aforementioned military collapse, the powers that be will hold the military up as long as possible, for they are all that stand between them and the angry mobs that intend to take them to the nearest lamp posts.

SO.. The FIRST stuff that will get drastically slashed when the economic hammer comes down (when people finally realize that the "impossible" is now reality, that default is inevitable.), will be the "social safety net". Hospitals will shut down in droves, welfare checks stop coming, granny will have to pay for her own oxygen, millions will lose access to medications. That's right, you all will have to go cold turkey and figure out how to survive, more than a few of you will be priced out of survival.. You will get plenty of warning, students protesting impossibly high tuition combined with severe reductions in student aid and loan availability, skyrocketing hyperinflation, huge public worker lay offs and cut backs...

Then, some of you will scream for more socialism, but you who do are too stupid to see that there is nothing left to give out, no magic hat that springs forth with government cheese eternal... You will attempt to take from those that have, you will instead induce capital flight as well as passive and violent resistance... Those who produce will join with others who produce, and work together to resist and neutralize you takers.

The country will fracture, breaking along every line you can conceive, but mostly ideological lines. foreign influence will be at a minimum, as they will actually have larger problems than us. China will implode, right after it violently expands in asia, Russia will hold as long as Putin is alive, and he looks pretty healthy. Europe will devolve into the tribal mess it always was. The developing countries will be knocked back severely, war will be everywhere and mostly internal.

World war 3 is not completely off the table. If WW3 happens, we will be extinct when it ends. I think WW3 has less than a 50% chance of happening, but never underestimate the hateful desperation of our "leaders" if they cannot maintain their privileged state.

So there it is, the cliff notes of the next 40 years of the 21st century.. Most of you reading this will be compost by 2020. All of you will lose more than you can bear to lose. All of us are to blame, as much for how we lived as well as what we ignored. I'm just as guilty as you, I am no better than anybody else on this, I too may not live to see 2020, and if I do, I probably won't want to live to see 2021.

These are the wages of willful ignorance.

Reality will no longer be ignored.

Got Republic?